“Your 2 m² Personal Fitness Oasis, Easy and Affordable!”

Through the creation of compact and versatile products, TOUSAINS is tirelessly striving to bring you the freedom to achieve your fitness goals within a 2-square-meter space, and at an affordable price.

Why Build a 2m² Home Gym?

● A Home Gym Saves You Money

Wave goodbye to pricey gym memberships, commuting expenses, and the inconveniences of crowded fitness centers. It's not just a cost-efficient investment; it's a money-saving endeavor on multiple fronts. 
❌ No membership fees $40 / month 
❌ No commuting costs 
❌ No hidden expenses

● You’ll Be Able to Squeeze in Workouts Anytime

We are busy people with busy lives! Finding time to get to the gym during the day can be tricky. 
❌No longer bound by the operating hours of a commercial gym, If you build your own home gym, it’s open 24/7 
❌No drive time to and from the gym (especially in the winter!) 
❌No waiting for that dude to finish curling in the squat rack

● Motivation: Workout Anytime Without Distraction

"Having a home gym makes any excuse I try to tell myself sound incredibly lame, and forces me to just go get it done."

● There’s No Pressure or Competition

At home, there is no dress code or judgmental stares There’s no having to wipe up someone else’s sweat puddles off the equipment (GROSS)

Why choose Tousains?

Expertise You Can Trust

In Tousains, we're obsessed with quality. In the last 15 years, we've constantly been tweaking and improving our products.

Quality You Can Count On

Every Tousains product goes through tough quality checks. And promise you a 1-year warranty!

Value That Makes Sense of Your Wallet

We prioritize user-centric design and minimize unnecessary expenses in our product function development.