Office Exercise Companion


“It is much better to be doing something than to remain sedentary.”

Sitting at a desk, probably hunched over all afternoon, won’t do you any favors—but sometimes it can’t be helped. The use of underdesk elliptical machine is a a win-win situation, allows you to exercise your legs elliptical-style while seated, combating the negative effects of sitting at a desk all day.

Low-concentration workout,
blends in perfectly with your office 

Using the mini elliptical for 1 hour a day burns about 150 calories, the equivalent of jogging 3 km, and better yet, you won't even realize you're working out.

Customize Your Personal Exercise Plan


● Motorized Mode

Offers passive movement, improving blood flow in your legs, ideal for those who sit for long periods.

● Resistance Mode

With 7 levels, You will find the perfect resistance intensity.

With 2 directions, exercise more muscle groups


● Forward Movement

Strengthen your quadriceps and calves.

● Reverse Step-Over (Backwards Movement)

Work your hamstrings and glutes.

3 control modes, "no" bend down

Adjust the exercise mode and intensity without bending over, and focus more on what you're doing "on" your desk.

APP Control


Remote Control


Machine Touch Screen Buttons

Perfect under-desk elliptical design

Whisper-Quiet Workouts, Uninterrupted Focus

With 15 years of professional research, our advanced motor technology ensures a noise-free workout, allowing you to exercise quietly in your office without disrupting your coworkers.

Stability You Can Trust

Four contoured grips on the base keep you secure for worry-free workouts. Stable even on smooth floors.

Maximize Your Under-Desk Space

Fits neatly under your desk (18.7" x 16.5" x 10.2" footprint) for ample legroom while you exercise.

Effortless Mobility

Ultra-lightweight (25% less thanks to glass-filled nylon) for effortless portability in the office.
Mini Elliptical Machine
Mini Elliptical Machine
Mini Elliptical Machine
Mini Elliptical Machine
Mini Elliptical Machine
Mini Elliptical Machine
Mini Elliptical Machine
Mini Elliptical Machine
Mini Elliptical Machine
Mini Elliptical Machine

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Our Happy Customers

I love it! It’s very quiet, I share an office at work and my coworker can’t hear it. Perfect size, my legs don’t hit my desk. It is a little heavier than expected but I can lift it. Easy assemble. Well worth the money. Many of my coworkers want to get it now.

- Maria. L.

I have been using the machine under my desk while I work at home for about a month now. While I don't work up a sweat using it (I have it on very low resistance), it helps keep me focused during meetings and am easily logging miles without thinking about it.

- Karl. C.

I use it under my desk/table when I'm working from home for a few hours--what a nice option for some light exercise. I didn't want to use a standing desk; I'm just not into that. So this is a great alternative. It's smooth, sturdy, very quiet, high quality.

- andy. m.