Tousains 3 in 1 rowing machine in black
Tousains 3 in 1 rowing machine with three modes
Tousains 3 in 1 rowing machine with three modes
Tousains 3 in 1 rowing machine with ergonomic adjustments
Tousains 3 in 1 rowing machine with led display
Tousains 3 in 1 rowing machine with compact design
Tousains 3 in 1 rowing machine with four height adjustmenrts
Tousains 3 in 1 rowing machine with conversion guide
Tousains 3 in 1 rowing machine with rowing mode
Tousains 3 in 1 rowing machine with inverted rowing mode
Tousains 3 in 1 rowing machine in red

Tousains 3 in 1 Rowing Machine



• Transformable Rowing Apparatus
• Anti-slip pedals & straps adjustment
• Technical high elastic cushion
• 3 resistance levels & 4 height levels
• Triangle Stable structure
• Simple switch
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1 machine could workout 5 cores


Rowing Mode


Inverted Rowing Mode


Gym Mode


Abdominal Mode


1 machine replace three items


Simulated Sculls Rowing Machine

Get ready to enjoy the benefits of a full body workout that replicates the intensity and excitement of rowing on water.
Featuring a unique 2 strings design, this cutting-edge machine ensures a balanced exercise effort, engaging multiple muscle groups simultaneously.
The ergonomic angle adjustment further enhances your workout experience, accommodating individuals of different body shapes and heights.

Joint-Friendly Full Body Workout

Designed to minimize strain on your knees and ankles, offers a safer alternative to traditional exercise equipment. By providing a lower impact workout, it helps reduce the risk of critical knee injuries and prevents ankle injuries, allowing you to exercise with confidence and peace of mind.

2 Resistance Levels

level 1 = 10 KG resistance 

for beginners or those seeking a lighter workout.
level 2 = 20 KG resistance

for more advanced usersallowing you to push your limits and achieve impressive results.

Say goodbye to slipping

With anti-slip pedals and adjustable straps, the rowing machine ensure a secure grip and stability for all foot types, enabling you to exercise with confidence and focus. No matter your shoe size or foot shape, our machine provides a comfortable and secure platform for you to maximize your workout potential.

High-Tech Elastic Cushion

Designed for optimal comfort, this innovative feature provides a softer and more supportive surface for your workouts.

Track Your Progress with the LED Display

Stay motivated and informed about your workout progress with the LED display on our exercise machine.This user-friendly display shows essential metrics such as time, count, total count, and calories burned. Keep a close eye on your achievements, set new goals, and track your fitness journey with ease.


20 minutes a day, 
build your vest line!

3 degree modes from beginner to advanced
Fit for your different needs 

Technological elastic knee support design 
gives you a perfect experience 

4 height levels 
Suitable for different body types

3 resistance levels meet different needs

10° = Activate the abdomen
30° = Enhance core stability
40° = Build core muscles

Ergonomic design, we promise a better experience

4 height levels - Suitable for different body types

4-level handle height adjustment,designed to accommodate individuals of different heights, ranging from 150cm to 185cm.

Sponge Armrest Pad for Enhanced Comfort

The soft and cushioned surface for your arms, reducing the likelihood of skin irritation or abrasion.

Perfect Fit and Comfort for Your Knees

Echnical Elastic Materia
Shape design adapt to the knee 

With the Echnical Elastic Material and the shape design adapt to the knee, providing a perfect fit and unparalleled comfort during exercise. We understand the importance of a secure and comfortable knee support, which is why our product utilizes technical elastic material. This innovative material not only ensures a customized fit with your knee but also guarantees maximum comfort throughout your entire workout.

Triangle Stable structure

It boasts a cutting-edge triangle stable structure that guarantees unwavering stability and a remarkable weight capacity of up to 220lbs.

Affordable alternative of Cable Crossover

3 degree modes from beginner to advanced, fit for your different needs

How to convert it between rowing mode and abdominal mode?

Step 1-Turn out the bolt,
Step2-Adjust to the appropriate angle, turn in the bolt

Frequently asked questions

What is the maximum weight the rowing machine can support?

Our rowing machines feature sturdy and durable construction that can easily support up to 265 pounds, allowing you to exercise with peace of mind.

Is the 3-in-1 rowing machine easy to install?

Even beginners can complete the installation easily.

Is this a full body workout?

Yes! Rowing exercises can effectively exercise more than 80% of the body's muscle groups, including the legs, arms, back and core muscles.

Is it easy to store after use?

Thanks to the clever folding design, the rowing machine can be easily folded into a compact size after use.

How do I switch modes?

Very simple! Step 1- Unscrew the bolt, Step 2- Adjust to the right angle and screw in the bolt.


30 Days Money Back Guarantee and 1 Year - Structural Frame Warranty

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