Tousains mini elliptical machine with app control
Tousains mini elliptical machine with low impact
Tousains mini elliptical machine designed for joint-friendly fitness
Tousains mini elliptical machine with app control
Tousains mini elliptical machine with non slip pedals
Tousains mini elliptical machine with smooth wheels
Tousains mini elliptical machine with effortless portability
Tousains mini elliptical machine with 7 level resistances
Tousains mini elliptical machine with digital monitor
Tousains mini elliptical machine with compact design
Tousains mini elliptical machine with high quality
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• App connectivity
• Multi-function LCD display
• Automatic mode
• Manual mode
• Weight mode
• Remote control

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1 Choose Low-Impact Seated Exercise
Our mini elliptical machine offers a lower-impact alternative to traditional exercises like walking, jogging, and running. Its elliptical motion and smooth pulley system help maintain a stable knee position, minimizing impact and reducing stress on the joint.
2 Achieve Movement Effortlessly
Simply place your foot on the portable elliptical machine while you're watching TV, playing games, resting, or working, and you'll no longer feel tired from exercise!

Lightweight and Portable

Tousains mini elliptical machine is engineered with lightweight glass-filled nylon construction, weighing under 17 lb. This design ensures easy portability, allowing you to effortlessly move our portable elliptical machine from room to room as needed. Whether you want to work out in the living room or bedroom or even take it outdoors, our elliptical training machine offers convenience and versatility wherever you go.

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Customize Your Personal Exercise Plan

3 modes| 5 programs | 7 speeds | 7 resistance levels|3 torques* | 2 directions 
● Automatic modes -5 preset programs 
● Passive Mode-Control exercise speed and direction as you like
● Active Mode -7 resistance levels
3 torques*: Our mini elliptical machine features three torque settings to accommodate variations in individual weight. If the user is too heavy, the elliptical training machine may struggle to drive the leg movements. More torque means more power on the elliptical, ensuring a smooth and effective workout for users of different weights.

Smarter Control Options

App Control
Remote control
Machine touch screen buttons

Noiseless Motor Technology

With over 15 years of professional research and development, Tousains has continuously refined our motor technology to deliver a noiseless workout experience. Explore our elliptical machine for sale right now to enjoy your exercise journey!

Promise of High Performance at an Affordable Cost


Always Designed with "You" in Mind

Built-in portable handle
Non-slip pedals
Anti-slip bottom pads

Achieve your goals, no matter where you are at.

I gifted this to my grandfather, and he loves it! The simplicity of setting it up and the user-friendly design make it perfect for seniors. The quiet operation ensures he can use it without any disturbances. It has become a valuable part of his daily routine, helping him stay active and engaged. Highly recommended for seniors looking for an easy-to-use exercise option.

Anna L

As a busy mom, finding time for exercise is a challenge. This machine has become my go-to solution! It's super easy to set up, and the quiet operation lets me squeeze in a workout without waking the kids. The convenience of using it while watching TV makes it a win-win. Absolutely love it!

Sarah J

I purchased this product for my father who has been recovering from knee surgery. His mobility had been limited, and we wanted to find a way for him to regain strength and motivation to stay active. This machine has been a game-changer for him. He finds it challenging yet understands the immense benefits it offers. The best part is that he can use it while watching his favorite TV shows, making it a perfect addition to his daily routine. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a convenient and effective way to stay active, especially during recovery or rehabilitation.


We are absolutely thrilled with our purchase! Setting it up was a breeze as it only required attaching the foot pedals. The unit itself is well-crafted and sturdy, giving us confidence in its durability. What impressed us the most is how quiet it operates, allowing us to use it without disturbing anyone else in the house. The built-in handle and rollers make it incredibly easy to move around, which is a huge plus. It meets all our needs perfectly, and we consider it a fantastic investment. We highly recommend it to anyone in search of a reliable and user-friendly exercise machine.

John S



  • 2

    1 mini ellipticqal machine

  • ellip30

    2 foot

  • 3

    1 power cable

  • 5

    1 non slip mat

  • 1

    1 remote controller

  • ellip12

    1 instruction manual


• Do not stand on the equipment
• This equipment was designed to be used only while sitting


How do I start using my tousains elliptical?

Just place your feet on the pedals and get moving! Start with short intervals at a low resistance level, then increase the resistance and duration. To maintain proper form, find a seat that positions your back at a 90-degree angle to your legs.

Can the Tousains elliptical fit under my desk?

Of course you can! The Tousains Mini Elliptical is designed to fit under most desks. For a comfortable use, make sure there is at least 2-3 inches of clearance between the bottom of the desk and your knees.

Can I stand on the mini elliptical?

For safety reasons, it is not recommended to stand on the Mini Elliptical. The Mini Elliptical is designed for seated exercise only, and standing may result in instability and potential injury.

Is it easy to move my mini elliptical?

The tousains mini elliptical is designed so that it can be easily moved to anywhere you like to sit.

What is the maximum weight my mini elliptical can support?

The sturdy and durable design can bear a maximum load of 300 pounds, allowing you to use it with confidence.

Is it manual or does it move by it self?

The tousains mini elliptical requires an electrical outlet to operate. It comes with a power adapter that you can plug into a standard outlet.


30 Days Money Back Guarantee and 1 YEAR - Structural Frame Warranty

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