Is Elliptical Good for Weight Loss?10 Benefits of Mini Elliptical Machines

Is Elliptical Good for Weight Loss?10 Benefits of Mini Elliptical Machines

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Want to add an elliptical as your weight loss ally but fussing around questions like “Do under-desk ellipticals work?” Or “Is elliptical good for weight loss?” 
A mini elliptical machine, known for its cardio benefits, allows us to do a low-impact exercise where we move our legs like running. An elliptical machine is ideal to gain muscle strength, lose weight, and speed up metabolic rates.
A mini elliptical machine is an exquisite choice for anyone who wants to incorporate movements into their lives while watching TV, resting, playing games, or working. This article will dive deep into the benefits of adding a mini elliptical machine to our daily routine to aid in our weight loss journey.

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What is a Mini Elliptical Machine?

A mini elliptical machine, also known as a cross trainer, is a portable under-desk exercise equipment. It allows us to move our legs in an elliptical manner while seated. In the era of long working hours while sitting, wield the benefits of a small elliptical machine.
Losing weight is a constant battle. Incorporating a mini elliptical machine into our sitting routines is a great way to do more exercise and burn more calories. It helps us combat the adverse effects of sitting for longer hours.
Let’s unravel some of the features that make a mini elliptical under-desk machine  an excellent tool for losing weight, even for non-movers:
  • Low-Impact Seated Exercise:A mini elliptical machine allows a low-impact seated exercise. It is ideal for the elderly, busy moms, patients recovering from knee injuries, and people who have to sit for long hours. The smooth pulley system and elliptical motion keep the knee in a stable position. It ensures the lowest impact on the knee as compared to running and jogging exercises.
  • Lightweight and Portable:Elliptical training machines such as those from Tousains are lightweight and portable. The portable design of the machine makes moving around easier.
  • Easy to Setup:Setting up a mini elliptical machine is a breeze. The process only requires straightforward steps, and we are good to start working on it. Since it is a portable elliptical machine, you can move it around anywhere easily.

10 Benefits/Reasons to Use A Mini Elliptical Machine

Mini elliptical machines have gained more popularity than other exercise equipment. It is because of some of the game-changing benefits of these machines, such as:

Tousains mini elliptical machine for home workout

1. Lower Body Exercise

The elliptical exercise, when done correctly, targets our lower body muscles, such as the quadriceps, biceps femoris, gastrocnemius, soleus, and gluteus. The simultaneous movements of the legs distribute the machine resistance equally throughout the lower body and achieve a workout.

2. Low-impact Training

Strenuous running and jogging workouts often strain the ankle, knee, and hip joints. However, a cross-training exercise is low-impact training. Because we do not have to lift off our feet dramatically, there is no big impact on the joints. This workout, therefore, is ideal for elderly people and for people who are recovering from lower limb injuries.

3. Fat-burning Effect

Our bones and muscles have to apply pressure on the pedals of a mini elliptical machine making it a weight-bearing workout equipment. If we want to burn a lot of fat, working out on an elliptical machine can help us achieve this goal.

4. Cardiovascular Exercise

A mini elliptical under the desk equipment is an excellent tool to achieve both low-intensity and high-intensity cardiovascular workouts. This aerobic workout helps build endurance and stamina by strengthening our lungs, heart, and muscles.

5. Improve Balance

Besides strengthening our muscles and bones, elliptical machines also help improve balance. For optimal performance, make sure the resistance is set at controllable levels. This is to ensure you are using the equipment safely without using the handles.

6. Various Modes

A mini elliptical machine with various modes, such as the one from Tousains, gives accessibility to a variety of workout options. Tousains Mini Elliptical Machine comes with the following three exquisite modes:
  • Automatic modes:Offers 5 preset programs
  • Passive Mode: Allows us to control exercise speed and direction as we like
  • Active Mode:Has 7 resistance levels
These customizable workout modes allow us to choose from a variety of workouts and get the workout we want to do.

7. Small Space Occupation

The small size of this equipment is another pro point that makes this tool so efficient yet easy to manage and store. We can easily move it around from one room to another without putting in any extra effort.

8. Safe and Easy to Use

The simplicity and easy-to-use design of the mini elliptical machine make it super easy for non-technical people to set it up. Many elliptical machines in the market lack features that give you complete control. Tousains offers the following features in its elliptical machines that bring safety and ease of use:

  • Advanced NoiselessMotor

  • App Control

  • Manual and automatic

  • Resistance adjustment

  • Remote Control

9. Ease of Persistence

Since this equipment offers low-impact exercises, it is easier to stay consistent, especially for people who are recovering strength and trying to stay active.

10. Cost-effectiveness

A mini elliptical machine is far more affordable as compared to full-size ellipticals or other workout equipment. When you purchase an elliptical machine, consider it as an excellent investment you can make for yourself or for your loved ones.

Tips on Using a Mini Elliptical Machine for Weight Loss

Everyone has different weight loss or fitness goals. Consider following these tips while using a mini elliptical machine for weight loss:
  • Consistency:Generally speaking, about 150 to 300 minutes of cardiac activity per week on elliptical is ideal for a consistent calorie burn. Aim for at least 150 minutes of elliptical activity a week. It’ll be a 30-minute use of the elliptical machine daily.
  • Increase Intensity: If 30 minutes a day sounds too much for you, start small with a 10-minute low-intensity workout and gradually increase the time and resistance level to challenge your muscles and boost calorie burn.
  • Incorporate Intervals:There’s a workout style called 12-minute Tabata. It involves alternating between high-intensity bursts and slow-paced intervals. For example, after a 20-second high-intensity workout, you rest for the next 10 seconds. You do this several times in a row. Doing this enhances fat burning significantly.
  • Monitor Progress:You can use smarter control options on the advanced Tousains elliptical machine mini to monitor your workout duration, distance, and calories burned. It helps you set achievable goals. With features like app control, remote control, and machine touchscreen buttons, you get full control.
  • Combine with Healthy Eating:A healthy diet is paramount for weight loss. You can be doing exercises all day long but if you are not careful with what goes into your stomach, you might be losing the game of weight loss.

Final Thoughts

Unlike typical run-of-the-mill elliptical machines, Tousains Mini Elliptical Machine provides a transformative experience.
With over 15 years of professional research and development, Tousains has continuously improved and introduced new technology in its Fitness products.
Tousains is committed to providing high performance at an affordable cost. 
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