How to Indoor Running Exercise? From Treadmill Selection to Running Tips

How to Indoor Running Exercise? From Treadmill Selection to Running Tips

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No time for the gym? Bad weather? Or unsafe running paths? There can be more than one reason to do running workouts at home.
Popular among athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike, indoor running workouts offer a myriad of mental and physical rewards. The habit of indoor running exercise gives us complete control over our environment and maintains a year-round training routine.
According to a study[1], indoor running exercise on the treadmill is proven to enhance energy expenditure. Since running on a treadmill is a full-body exercise, we burn more fat and calories per minute as compared to other exercises.
More people are opting for treadmills as their preferred choice for indoor workouts. In this article, we will share some insights and advice on the following issues.
  1. Why is indoor running becoming increasingly popular?
  2. How to pick a treadmill?
  3. Are there any cost-effective treadmills available?
  4. What should be looked for in an indoor running workout?

Tousains wallking pad for home workout

The Popularity of Indoor Running Exercise

Let’s spill the tea on the three driving factors behind a meteoric rise in the popularity of indoor running exercises:
  • Controlled Training Environment:Outside weather changes drastically,but we always have full control of the indoor environment. Indoor jogging gives you a safe and optimal environment to stay consistent. Temperature-controlled and properly ventilated rooms reduce fatigue, enhance performance, and improve overall workout adherence.
  • Time Efficiency: Indoor running exercise is a lifesaver for people with busy schedules. Treadmill setup at home removes the time-consuming factors linked with outdoor activities. It allows us to focus on our fitness goals without dwindling motivation.
  • Privacy and Relaxation:Unlike outdoor environments where one finds a lot of distractions, we get a certain degree of solitude and privacy doing indoor running exercises. It helps in maintaining higher levels of satisfaction, motivation, and consistency in exercise routines, especially for introverts.

How to Choose Your Treadmill?

When we are on a weight loss or fitness journey and want to lose weight by running at home, we should make sure we are investing in the right treadmill. Consider the following factors when choosing your treadmill:

1. Determine needs

Determine what your fitness objectives are. It might be general health and fitness, athletic performance, or rehabilitation. Knowing what health objective you want to achieve will help you identify which treadmill model you should invest in. Also, filter out whether you’ll have long-running sessions or you are just looking for a compact home treadmill for jogging.

2. Weighing capacity

When choosing a treadmill, take care of the weighing capacity of the treadmill. Ideally, it should weigh fifty pounds more than your own weight. This way, there will be less strain on the treadmill, which means a longer lifespan. Overall, you should go with a treadmill weighing above 240 pounds.

3. Size and portability

For runners with average height and weight, the size of the treadmill is of little importance. However, people having extended heights and more weight should carefully consider the size of the treadmill. If you are someone who often moves things around, you should choose a compact and convenient treadmill that is easy to move and store.

4. Functional requirements

Carefully inspect the functions of a treadmill you intend to buy, as it will directly impact your workouts. Look for these functions in the treadmill before buying:
  • Make sure the running bed absorbs the shock and is adequately cushioned. Without the cushioning in the running bed of the treadmill beneath the belt, your joints may get hurt.
  • Look if the treadmill has a panelthat shows steps, distance, time, & speed for easy pace control.
  • Check if the treadmill has an incline feature or not. Incline creates a resistance so runners can vary the challenge for the workouts.

5. Horsepower and stability

It is a good idea to check the stability and horsepower of the treadmill motor as it is a worthwhile stat to be considered. Choose a treadmill with a good range of horsepower that supports light jogging and walking and is also excellent for more intense indoor exercise.

6. Safety

Besides considering the specifications and functions, look for a treadmill with several safety features, such as secure locking systems and emergency stop buttons. It will prevent you from potential injuries in case you accidentally fall.

7. User Evaluation

Check out the reviews and feedback from other users to find out what they think about the performance and durability of the treadmill. For beginners, a treadmill with simple controls and pre-set workout programs is the best. It is more than enough to guide your training.

Tousains Treadmills - Jogging & Incline

From simple walking and jogging to high-speed and extra-long indoor running exercises, Tousains offers a range of treadmill options to suit everyone. To help you make the right choice and skyrocket your motivation for indoor exercises, let’s unravel two of the best treadmills by Tousains:

(1) Walkstation ST1 Jogging Treadmill

Want to do jogging on a quite compact home treadmill? The Walkstation ST1 Jogging Treadmill offers you that!

Tousains wallkstation jogging treadmill ST1 with two modes

Design Advantages: ST1 is designed in a way that separates the pros from the amateurs. The features given below explain why it is a premium treadmill and how it stands out among others!
  • Simulated Runway:The 4-layered running belt gives you a professional-grade runway feel.
  • 5-6km/h Speed Limit with a Variety of Programs:This speed limit ensures your safety while you enjoy 12 different built-in workout programs that inspire your creativity.
  • Low-noise Motor:Do your indoor running exercise quietly. Thanks to its 1.25HP motor.
  • Wide Running Surface:With its 15.3” x 41"running surface, you can enjoy the best workout experience.
Applicable People & Scenarios: If you are a beginner runner, seasoned jogger, or tight on budget, this treadmill is where your fitness alchemy will begin. It is suitable for people with moderate exercise requirements and is also ideal for use during work or while binge-watching shows.

(2) Tousains 2 in 1 Incline Treadmill

Imagine a sturdy treadmill allowing you to quit the gym as you can achieve all your running goals with this 2 in 1 Incline Treadmill. Let me show you how! The compact treadmill with incline has 3 main upgrades over the ST1:
  1. It comes with armrests and a tablet stand
  2. Incline adjustment-similar to the treadmill in the gym
  3. Speed is upgraded, up to 12.23km/h.

Tousains 2 in 1 incline treadmill with dual sports modes

Design advantages: Tousains 2 in 1 Incline Treadmill is designed to provide a complete fitness experience by offering the following features:
  • 2-in-1 Incline Treadmill: This treadmill is your trusty sidekick,allowing you to benefit from its dual speed modes for both walking and running exercises.
  • 3-level Auto Incline:Want to add a challenging feature to your indoor running exercise? The design of this treadmill handles inclines up to 9%, offering you a productivity boost whenever you need one.
  • Under-Desk Design:The compact and easy-to-store treadmill design makes it ideal for small places and offices.
  • Whisper-quiet Workout:The 5-layer shock-absorbing belt gives you a whisper-quiet workout experience.
Applicable People & Scenarios: This foldable running treadmill is ideal for sports enthusiasts looking for a sturdier and easy-to-move and store treadmill that has all the juicy updates to keep you ahead in your fitness journey.

Indoor Running Exercise Tips & Reminders

Below are some of the pro treadmill running tips and reminders that you should follow:
  • Preparation before running:Plan your workout and decide the duration, speed, and any interval or incline changes beforehand. Before running, check if the treadmill is in good running condition. Make sure you are wearing comfortable running shoes and drink enough water. Finish with some warm-up exercises. 
  • Suggestions during indoor running exercise: Keep your hands off the handrails and loose. Maintain an upright body position and your core engaged. Start with a slow pace and gradually increase the intensity
  • Stretching and recovery after an indoor run: After an indoor running exercise, drink water or a good energy drink to rehydrate. Adding light stretching exercises at the end will also help relax the muscles.

Final Thoughts

An indoor running exercise routine makes us more consistent in keeping track of our fitness goals. A high-quality treadmill such as Tousains’ epic and innovative treadmill is proven to add a cosmic flair to your indoor fitness journey. Learn more about them here.


[1]Energy Expenditure With Indoor Exercise Machines Available at: (Accessed: 4 June 2024)