Portable Home Treadmill

The collapsible treadmill, a modern fitness blessing, frees you from time and weather constraints, allowing for convenient indoor running at any time. With adjustable intensity and diverse workout options, Tousains’s foldable running treadmill caters to your individual needs. Unlike outdoor running, home exercise treadmills offer a gentler surface, reducing joint impact and making them ideal for those with sensitive joints. Tousains household treadmill, equipped with data logging and monitoring features,  helps you track your progress and stay motivated. Embrace the treadmill for home fitness to unlock a world of health and vitality!


Tousains home exercise treadmill stands out with its superior performance; you can compare our basic treadmill and foldable running treadmill with their specification information here.
Tousains basic home exercise treadmill is suitable for your daily basic exercise.
● Walker
● Jogger
Tousains foldable running treadmill is designed with Bluetooth and a device holder, perfect for your exercise needs.
● Walker 
● Jogger 
● Runner

What Our Customers Are Saying

I weigh 200lbs & have a sedentary job. I hate the chore of going to the gym and walking outside can be tricky, weather permitting. I was looking for a 'treadmill' that would not take up a lot of space & serve it's purpose to get me moving. It has the speeds I need (didn't try it past 3 mph), doesn't make too much noise, & I love the remote. The only thing that would make this amazing would be an incline (but that's what the big bulky machines are for!) Worth the investment & price is more than reasonable :)


I could not believe the quality of this machine when I received it. Honestly I was so skeptical that I kept the box for a week and used it every day to see if it would break down so I could return it. I'm happy to say I have tossed the box and it works like a charm! Very sturdy and looks very nice. No assembly required it comes ready to use right out of the box. Couldn't believe I got it for such a great price!


I don't need my treadmill to do more than 5 mph, I use it more for walking and jogging, so this works perfectly. It fits well in our apartment and stores away fairly easily. Its just a tad hard to maneuver but not significant enough to be upset about. It isnt super loud and stays flat against the ground. The remote is a bit cheap and doesnt respond instantaneously but as long as it works Im fine with it. Overall, it has met my expectations and I am happy with it.


Customer Service

Tousains not only provides high-performance running treadmills for sale but also ensures a satisfying experience, offering customers support and personalized assistance every purchase step of the way.
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