Tousains wallkstation jogging treadmill ST1
Tousains wallkstation jogging treadmill ST1 with two modes
Tousains wallkstation jogging treadmill ST1 with five layer belt
Tousains wallkstation jogging treadmill ST1 with led display
Tousains wallkstation jogging treadmill ST1 with led display
Tousains wallkstation jogging treadmill ST1 with low noise
Tousains wallkstation jogging treadmill ST1 with wider belt
Tousains wallkstation jogging treadmill ST1 with compact design
Tousains wallkstation jogging treadmill ST1 with all accessories
Tousains wallkstation jogging treadmill ST1 with wheels
Tousains wallkstation jogging treadmill ST1 in orange
Tousains wallkstation jogging treadmill ST1 in black

Walkstation ST1 Jogging Treadmill

Ready to use: There's no need to assemble this machine. Just take it out and start your exercise
Space Saving: Easily fits under a desk, bed, or couch for easy storage. This treadmill measures 48.6" x 20" x 4.9".
Premium comfort: The Walkstation ST1 jogging treadmill is equipped with excellent shock absorption that makes it quiet for indoor use. It also has a silicone support and 5-layer pedal straps for comfort during walking, jogging, or running.
Intuitive controls: Manage speed, time, and distance with the user-friendly display on remote controls during your workout. It also tracks your calories while you focus on your workout.

  • 30-Day Return Policy

  • Order yours before 2:30 p.m. to enjoy same-day dispatch.




0.5-8km/h with a variety of programs

To guarantee user well-being, the treadmill's speed is limited to a maximum of 8km/h, making it ideal for jogging activities. It also comes with 12 different workout programs built-in to vary your exercise and inspire your creativity.

Wide Running Surface

The running belt size is engineered to accommodate users over 180cm (6 feet) tall. You can run with confidence, knowing that the treadmill provides ample space for your stride, ensuring safety and comfort throughout your workout.

Simulated Runway

The walkstation is built with a 4-layer running belt to replicate the feel of running on a professional-grade runway. It is also equipped with exceptional shock absorption and noise reduction capabilities that significantly reduces the impact on your knees and joints.

Low-Noise Motor

It is built with a 1.25HP ultra-quiet motor that ensures a quiet work and comfortable workout experience.

Lightweight and Compact

4.9 inches tall which makes it comfortable to put away in storage, even in the smallest spaces.



If you're a beginner or a seasoned jogger or runner, this treadmill is the perfect cost-effective first choice to start your home gym.

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Included In The Box

  • Treadmill

  • Lubricant Oil

  • Detachable Power

  • User Manual

  • Remote Control

  • Professional Support


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    Frequently Asked Questions

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    What is the maximum load capacity of this treadmill?

    According to our product specifications, the maximum weight capacity of our treadmills is 242 lbs. (approximately 109.7 kg). Our treadmills have been rigorously tested over several quality assurance stages to ensure that they withstand users in this weight range, under normal use conditions. Please, remember not to exceed or approach the maximum weight capacity when using your treadmill to ensure your safety and your equipment's reliability.

    Does this treadmill support heart rate monitoring?

    Our treadmill is not currently equipped with a heart rate detection feature. This treadmill focuses on providing a quality running experience while giving basic exercise features. While it does not directly monitor your heart rate, it still offers other great features such as rugged construction, multiple exercise mode options, adjustable speed, and more. If heart rate monitoring is important to you, we can recommend standalone heart rate monitoring devices, such as smartwatches, to use with our treadmills so that you get more comprehensive fitness data and monitoring experience.

    Does this treadmill require assembly?

    Our treadmills are fully assembled at the factory to ensure that your product is ready for immediate use. This means you don't need to spend extra time and effort assembling it. When you receive your treadmill, follow the operating instructions and you will be able to enjoy your treadmill fitness immediately. We look forward to seeing you get a great workout on our treadmill!

    Do I have to be a professional to use this treadmill?

    This treadmill is perfect for beginners and experienced runners too. Our treadmill has a range of features designed to meet the needs of beginners and provide a great experience. 
    Here are some features that make it suitable for beginners: 
    1. EASY-TO-USE CONTROL PANEL: The treadmill is equipped with an easy-to-understand and operate control panel that does not require complicated settings. You can adjust the speed and exercise mode to suit your ability and comfort level. 
    2. ADJUSTABLE SPEED OPTION: This treadmill offers an adjustable speed range that lets you gradually increase or decrease the speed according to your pace and fitness level. This ensures that beginners can start at a lower speed and gradually increase the difficulty and challenge as you improve. 
    3. STABLE AND COMFORTABLE RUNNING PLATFORM: The Walkstation designed to provide a solid running platform that keeps you safe and comfortable during your workout. This is important for beginners to safely focus on their workout without worrying about the stability of the platform. 4. SAFETY FEATURES: The Tousains Walkstation ST1 Jogging Treadmill is equipped with safety features like an emergency stop button and braking system to ensure that you can stop the treadmill immediately in case of an emergency.

    Can I connect the treadmill to my smartphone?

    The Tousains Walkstation ST1 Jogging Treadmill does not support a cell phone connection. Our treadmill is designed to be used as a standalone piece of exercise equipment and cannot be connected to a cell phone or controlled through a mobile app. It has an easy-to-use control panel that you can set up and operate directly from the treadmill which makes it easy.

    What is the maximum speed of this treadmill?

    The Tousains Walkstation ST1 Jogging Treadmill’s maximum speed is 8 km/h. Our treadmill offers adjustable speed options up to a maximum speed of 8 km/h. This speed range is suitable for most users, especially for beginner and intermediate runners. You can also customize your experience by choosing the speed setting that suits your exercise level and needs.

    What can the remote control be used for?

    The remote control is a device used to control and adjust your treadmill. Our treadmills are equipped with a remote control that allows you to perform some basic operations on the treadmill without having to bend over, break your stride, or leave the treadmill. With the remote control, you can control various functions of the treadmill, such as starting and stopping the treadmill, adjusting the speed, selecting preset programs, adjusting the incline and so on. It provides a convenient and faster way for you to operate and adjust in real time during exercise.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Perfect for small space!

    I weigh 200lbs & have a sedentary job. I hate the chore of going to the gym and walking outside can be tricky, weather permitting. I was looking for a 'treadmill' that would not take up a lot of space & serve it's purpose to get me moving. It has the speeds I need (didn't try it past 3 mph), doesn't make too much noise, & I love the remote. The only thing that would make this amazing would be an incline (but that's what the big bulky machines are for!) Worth the investment & price is more than reasonable :)

    WFH and pregnancy usage

    I got it for both me and my wife. I used it while I WFH and it's set and forget it kind of thing. My pregnant wife use it for her daily walk. Have been using more than half a year twice daily. Still going strong.

    Sylvie S.
    I get a great, convenient workout from this

    Omg I love this. This is so easy and convenient to use. I am able to slide it right under my bed after use. I get such a great workout also. Would definitely recommend to get yourself one

    Seriously, buy immediately!

    I could not believe the quality of this machine when I received it. Honestly I was so skeptical that I kept the box for a week and used it every day to see if it would break down so I could return it. I'm happy to say I have tossed the box and it works like a charm! Very sturdy and looks very nice. No assembly required it comes ready to use right out of the box. Couldn't believe I got it for such a great price!

    Its what I wanted

    I don't need my treadmill to do more than 5 mph, I use it more for walking and jogging, so this works perfectly. It fits well in our apartment and stores away fairly easily. Its just a tad hard to maneuver but not significant enough to be upset about. It isnt super loud and stays flat against the ground. The remote is a bit cheap and doesnt respond instantaneously but as long as it works Im fine with it. Overall, it has met my expectations and I am happy with it.

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