An easier monitor on hand-H1 smartwatch

Keeping a close eye on blood sugar is one of the key indicators of staying healthy. Do you also want to know your body data anytime and anywhere?

Discover the superior benefits of smartwatch glucose monitoring

  • Blood Sugar Monitoring Made Easier

  • Smart Connectivity

  • Stay fit, get connected

The H1 Watch uses a 650nm wavelength laser that beams onto your skin from underneath. It then measures how much light bounces back to figure out your blood sugar levels, all through a clever mathematical formula.

Effortless and Non-Invasive

Imagine monitoring your health without any discomfort. Our smartwatch ensures a painless and non-invasive experience, making glucose tracking as simple as glancing at the time.

Non-Stop Health Tracking

Our continuous  monitoring system operates 24/7, keeping you informed about your glu levels with its consistent sensors.

Unprecedented Ease in Glucose Monitoring

Real-time data is at your fingertips with just a glance at your smartwatch. Designed for convenience, it integrates effortlessly into your daily routine, eliminating the need for complex steps or extra gadgets.

Is the blood sugar level in the regular U.S meter reading?

Absolutely! Our smartwatch delivers readings in both mmol/L and mg/dL, aligning with U.S. meter standards. Switching between units is straightforward, providing you with the flexibility to track your health in the way that suits you best.


Smart Connectivity

In today's interconnected world, your health data should be easily accessible. Our smartwatch syncs smoothly with your smartphone, making it simple to share your health information with your family, keeping you connected and in control.

Stay fit, get connected

The Tousains H1 smartwatch goes beyond health monitoring; it's also your fitness companion. Track your steps, heart rate, and calorie expenditure. With our comprehensive health and fitness tracking features, you're well-equipped to achieve your wellness goals.

Designed for the elder.
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Tousains smartwatch H1 in three colors
Tousains smartwatch H1 with all functions
Tousains smartwatch H1 with bluetooth call
Tousains smartwatch H1 with warm deatils
Tousains smartwatch H1 with health monitor
Tousains smartwatch H1 review
Tousains smartwatch H1 review
Tousains smartwatch H1 with all accessories
Tousains smartwatch H1 with black steel strap
Tousains smartwatch H1 with black leather strap
Tousains smartwatch H1 with black rubber strap
Tousains smartwatch H1 with brown leather strap


I received the products exactly that I imagin, the function are so great because it has everything that I want (to do exercise, to connect your social media, remote cámara, blood and temperature controlled), the prices is cheaper in comparison to the function


Verified Buyer

So far this watch has been great! The set up was easy and quick. The battery life is suburb, and the features are great. I love the health monitoring and ability to see incoming texts and calls and more on your wrist. This is a great affordable choice for anyone looking for a smartwatch!

Irene H.

Verified Buyer