Tousains smartwatch H1 in three colors
Tousains smartwatch H1 with all functions
Tousains smartwatch H1 with bluetooth call
Tousains smartwatch H1 with warm deatils
Tousains smartwatch H1 with health monitor
Tousains smartwatch H1 review
Tousains smartwatch H1 review
Tousains smartwatch H1 with all accessories
Tousains smartwatch H1 with black steel strap
Tousains smartwatch H1 with black leather strap
Tousains smartwatch H1 with black rubber strap
Tousains smartwatch H1 with brown leather strap

Tousains H1 Watch

Sale price$119.00
Material:Brown Leather Strap
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This innovative smartwatch offers a suite of features designed to empower older adults and give their loved ones peace of mind:

● 24/7 Monitoring: Keep track of heart rate and body temperature for overall well-being.
● Quick Response: Make emergency calls with a single press of a button for timely assistance.
● Connected Care: Stay connected with loved ones through voice calls and allow them to remotely monitor your well-being.
● Smart Assistant: Get help and information hands-free with the built-in voice assistant.

Tousains H1: Best Smart watch for seniors!

Dual-Probe Laser Health Physiotherapy

Specially crafted for health purposes, our smart watch tracker exclusive chip features a dual-probe laser system tailored for physiotherapy. By inducing vasodilation, Tousains smart watch for older people effectively boosts blood flow and circulation. The laser's energy kick-starts metabolic functions in red blood cells, enhancing their ability to carry oxygen. This process not only bolsters local tissue nutrition and metabolism but also aids in tissue repair and regeneration.

1. Alleviate pain and inflammation

2. Accelerate tissue repair and regeneration.

3. Improve blood circulation and oxygen supply.

4. Facilitate cellular growth and renewal.

Health Data Monitor

1. Blood Oxygen: The Tousains smart watch for seniors features advanced technology that enables the early detection of hypoxemia, ensuring timely intervention and better health management.

2. Heart Rate: The Tousains smart watch tracker, designed specifically for seniors, provides valuable insights into cardiovascular health and exercise intensity, ensuring comprehensive health monitoring and management.

3. Uric Acid: Tousains smart watch for older people aids in managing gout and related conditions by monitoring key health metrics, helping to prevent complications and promoting overall well-being.

4. Blood Lipid: Tousains health tracking watch for seniors can monitor cholesterol levels to help lower cardiovascular risks, supporting heart health and overall well-being.

SOS Emergency Help

The SOS feature on Tousains health monitor wrist watch is indispensable for seniors, offering prompt assistance in emergencies and guaranteeing their safety and peace of mind. Connected to your phone via Bluetooth, emergency contacts are linked to the smart watch tracker's SOS function, ensuring that the phone is within close range of immediate emergency calls.

Remote Relatives Care

Through the data-sharing function of Tousains' health monitor wrist watch, seniors can share their health data and activity records with their loved ones. This function allows family members to stay informed about their health status in real-time and remain involved in their daily lives. This feature not only strengthens bonds but also facilitates better care and support.

Experience the Next Level with the Tousains H1 Smartwatch!

The Tousains H1 smart watch for seniors boasts a high-quality design and outstanding performance. Serving as a reliable smart watch for heart rate, it's ideal for senior health monitoring. Invest in the Tousains H1 smart watch tracker today to safeguard the health of your loved ones.

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What Our Customers Say

“So far this watch has been great! The set up was easy and quick. The battery life is suburb, and the features are great. I love the health monitoring and ability to see incoming texts and calls and more on your wrist. This is a great affordable choice for anyone looking for a smartwatch!”


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Screen Size:1.39"-360*360 screen 

Screen Type:IPS HD TFT 

Waterproof Level: IP67 

Bluetooth:5.0BLE (low power consumption) 

Charging Type:Magnetic suction charging 

Manipulation:Screen touch, APP control 

Endurance:Use 3-7 days. Stand by 30+ days  

System:Android 4.4 and above, IOS 8.2 and above


It depends on where you are. Orders processed here will take 5-7 business days to arrive. Overseas deliveries can take anywhere from 7-16 days. Delivery details will be provided in your confirmation email.

The watch has a 280 mAh battery that can be used for 7 days per charge and 30-40 days in standby mode. You should know that the smartwatch will not stay constant all the time, and it may need to be charged approximately once every two weeks. The lithium battery of this watch can typically be used for up to 5 years without encountering any significant issues.

The smartwatches may not replace the expertise of medical professionals or specialized medical devices, but they can provide valuable information and assist in 24-hour tracking certain aspects of health, like heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, step tracking, sleep tracking...

Thank you very much for your question! Regarding wearing your watch while bathing or swimming, we do not recommend that you do so.Although some watches are capable of water resistance, however, prolonged exposure to water or use in deep water may cause damage to the watch or affect its proper functioning.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee and 1 Year - Structural Frame Warranty

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Marek K.
Excellent device

My wife and I have bought two Tousains H1 watches. We are happy with our watches - they can measure several important parameters. It was a very good deal for the very good price

Wanda D.
P1 tousains watch

I am completely satisfied and happy with my new watch. I have ordered a 2nd watch a different color and can't wait till it arrives. I gave you 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ stars in satisfaction.
Tha k you so much
Wanda Diaz

Judith W.

Tousains P1 Watch2

Robert C.
Tousains H1 watch

The watch is the coolest watch I've ever seen from any watch got so many features than any other watches it's a great investment to buy..if anyone wants a amazing watch this is the one to buy on the market today..that's no joke !!

Katheryn C.
Super watch

The H1 watch is just what I wanted to monitor several health problems. I have compared it to a few professional monitors and the watch was accurate within approximately 1%.