Tousains smart scale M1 with app
Tousains smart scale M1 with all parameters
Tousains smart scale M1 for comprehensive health insight
Tousains smart scale M1 with easy sync
Tousains smart scale M1 with instant body trends
Tousains smart scale M1 with baby weighing and athlete modes
Tousains smart scale M1 with  high accuracy
Tousains smart scale M1 review
Tousains smart scale M1 with eco-friendly Type-C charging port
Tousains smart scale M1 with space saving design
Tousains smart scale M1
Tousains smart scale M1

Product Feature

Whole body composition analysis 
User identification function 
Track 24 health statistics 
Accurate weighing 
Athletic mode 
Wifi+Bluetooth dual-mode connection

Through 24 health data, meet a better you!

In addition to weight, body fat scales allow you to better understand your health data

Keep you motivated to step on daily!

Beyond figures, It’s paired with the app to show you trends, insights, and nutrition tracking to give you a better perspective on your calorie intake. A comprehensive solution that makes you spend your energy for good.
Instant weight trend
Tailored health insights
Proactive goal setting

High accuracy

TOUSAINS Body Composition Scale provides accurate data through a series of complex algorithms and advanced Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA), allowing you to better understand your body.
  • BIA technology

  • complex algorithm

  • four electrodes


Smarter design


Longer battery life

Type-C charging and 120 days per charge

Wifi+Bluetooth dual-mode connection


No need to download extra APP

compatible with Unique Health APP, Apple Health, Google Fit, and Fitbit.

Supports weighing of small objects

Reach 100 grams to weigh

Automatically identifies each family member



  • A Smart Scale

  • A User Manual

  • A Charging Cable


Will other users in my house have access to see my weight?

No, other users in your home cannot see your weight unless you explicitly share that information with them.

Are smart body fat scales suitable for children?

Because a child's body composition changes rapidly during growth and development, BIA measurements may not be accurate and should be used for informational purposes only.

Is it possible to trust the measurements of a smart body fat scale?

Smart body fat scales are professionally calibrated and highly accurate. However, the measurement results are affected by a variety of factors, such as the posture of use and body water content. It is recommended to use it as a reference for health management and pay attention to long-term trend changes.

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