Tousains foldable rowing machine in black
Tousains foldable rowing machine with 300LBS weight capacity
Tousains foldable rowing machine with warm details
Tousains foldable rowing machine to exercise muscles
Tousains foldable rowing machine with 3 resistance levels
Tousains foldable rowing machine with easy exercise steps
Tousains foldable rowing machine in silver
Tousains foldable rowing machine with screen to monitor
Tousains foldable rowing machine for home workout
Tousains foldable rowing machine with convenient screen

Foldable Rowing Machine

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Tousains foldale rowing machine for home workout
Tousains foldable rowing machine for small spaces
Tousains foldale rowing machine with lcd multi-function display

LCD multi-function display

The LED display screen of the Tousain foldable rowing machine delivers real-time movement data monitoring, providing clear insights into exercise progress. This home rowing machine feature enhances the scientific approach to exercise, ensuring goals are set and pursued with precision.

Discover the convenience and efficiency of our foldable rowing machine with an LCD multi-function display. Track your workout progress in real-time with key metrics such as distance, calories burned, and duration.

• Real-time monitoring

Tousains foldale rowing machine with aluminum alloy frame

Aluminum alloy frame

Ergonomic design

Tousains foldable rowing machine, crafted from high-quality aluminum alloy, renowned for its exceptional combination of lightweight characteristics and robust strength, boasts a reduced overall weight without compromising on structural integrity.

This strategic choice of material not only ensures ease of maneuverability when storing or relocating the small rowing machine but also guarantees stability and durability during rowing exercises at home. So, when you're engaging in a rowing routine, rest assured that our home rowing machine's construction will provide the stability and support needed to optimize your exercise experience.

• Not easy to roll over
• Bears 300 pounds

Tousains foldale rowing machine with  non-slip widened pedal and comfort cushion

To ensure comfortable and convenient Rowing exercise

Attention to Every Detail

Tousains foldable rowing machine is a testament to our meticulous attention to detail at every stage of design and production. From the selection of materials to every detail, no aspect is overlooked.

Even the most minor details of this home rowing machine, such as the smooth handles and non-slip widened pedal, are designed with your satisfaction in mind. When you're embarking on a rowing exercise at home, Tousains foldable rowing machine for home delivers an exceptional exercise experience that leaves no detail unaddressed.

• Non-slip Widened Pedal
• Comfort cushion
• Smooth Rail & Handle

Tousains foldale rowing machine with 3 levels of adjustable resistance

3 levels of adjustable resistance

3 Strand Drawstring

Tousains foldable rowing machine offers three levels of resistance adjustment, empowering users to tailor their workout intensity according to their fitness level and goals. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned athlete, you can easily customize the resistance to suit your preferences.

With the flexibility to adjust resistance levels and the assurance of smooth, quiet operation, our home rowing machine offers a versatile and enjoyable exercise solution for users of all levels.

• Aerobic exercise
• fat burning exercise
• professional sports

Tousains foldale rowing machine exercising 90%  muscles of your body

aerobic fitness

Exercise 90% muscles of your body

Tousains foldable rowing machine is designed to enhance cardiorespiratory fitness and endurance while engaging multiple muscle groups simultaneously. Through the rhythmic motion of rowing, you'll target key muscle groups, including the back, shoulders, hips, thighs, and calves, resulting in a comprehensive workout.

By incorporating this rowing exercise at home into your routine, you'll effectively strengthen and tone muscles across your entire body, leading to improved overall fitness and endurance levels.

• Improve cardiopulmonary function
• Increase endurance
• Exercises for the upper and lower body

Tousains foldale rowing machine with low impact

suitable for all ages

Low-impact exercise

Rowing exercise offers a low-impact alternative to running, minimizing stress on joints while still delivering an effective cardiovascular workout. This makes small rowing machine an ideal choice for individuals of all ages and fitness levels, including beginners and seniors. Unlike running, which can exacerbate joint discomfort or existing injuries, rowing exercise at home provides a smooth, fluid experience that reduces the risk of strain or impact-related injuries.

If you're starting your fitness journey or looking for a gentler form of exercise, the Tousains home fitness rowing machine is your best choice. Our foldable rowing machine offers a safe and accessible option that prioritizes joint health without compromising on workout intensity.

• Easy to operate
• Suitable for family


Thanks to the clever folding design, the rowing machine can be easily folded into a compact size after use.

Our rowing machines feature a durable construction that easily supports up to 220 lbs, so you can exercise with confidence

Yes! Rowing exercises can effectively exercise more than 80% of the body's muscle groups, including the legs, arms, back and core muscles.

The exact number of calories you burn depends on your weight, rowing intensity, and duration. Generally speaking, a person weighing about 155-185 pounds (70-84 kg) can burn about 210-311 calories in 30 minutes of rowing.

On average, rowing can burn approximately 210-311 calories in 30 minutes for a person weighing around 155-185 pounds (70-84 kilograms).

Three-stage resistance adjustment. The intensity of exercise can be easily adjusted to meet the needs of people with different fitness levels.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

and 1 Year - Structural Frame Warranty

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
David S.
Good workout

Better workout than I was expecting. I'm 73 and feel really good and alot younger after having exercising on this unit. I would recommend this to all ages.


Excellent cardio alternative. It engages enough muscle groups that I had trouble completing my lifting program for the first week. Excellent price point. Footprint is minimal when folded down and stores under any bed/couch/furniture with 8" of clearance. I even bought a second one.

raymond a.
Row, row, row.

This machine is easy to assemble, easy to operate. I am glad I ordered it and I am using it every day. The seat for me was a little uncomfortable but I added a cushion and now it feels great

Gayle L.
Happy I Bought It

As a 75 year old lady, I was able to put the foldable rowing machine together with no problems or help. So far, I am getting used to using it and have not had any issues. I know it will help me build up my strength and endurance. Looking forward to seeing the results of using it.

Greta O.
Progress to better health.

I began a great fitness routine using the rower. I workout at my own pace and privacy is all mine. Bring the gym to your home. This rowing machine is well built, durable and easy to use. It tucks away nicely in our small condo. I am so very pleased with this rower because I'm progressing to better health.