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Designed to be your best partner in sports
Our Sports Watch Series is tailor-made for the athlete in you. Track your runs, monitor your training sessions, and capture every bit of your athletic journey. With real-time data on your wrist, you're set to smash those fitness goals!

On the road to meet the goal

Sports Enthusiasts
Focus on what matters most - calories burned and basic exercise data. These watches are simple yet effective, making them perfect for beginners or those who enjoy a good run without the complexity of too much data. Stay motivated and track your progress with ease.

Go Beyond Limits

Intermediate and Advanced Sports Enthusiasts
Are you a fitness fanatic who loves outdoor sports, swimming, or running? Our "Go Beyond Limits" watches are designed for more experienced athletes. Dive into detailed and professional data recording – from swimming laps to trail running, these watches have got you covered. Expect advanced features that match your high level of sports engagement.



If keeping an eye on your health is your priority, our Health Monitoring Watches are your ideal match. These watches are designed to help you keep track of vital health indicators, encouraging healthier living habits. Stay informed, stay motivated, and take charge of your wellness.

Essentials for Your Well-Being

If you're all about the basics, our "Essentials for Your Well-Being" watches are your go-to. They keep tabs on the important stuff – your sleep, blood pressure, blood sugar, and your daily exercise.

Explore Total Health Connection

If you're dealing with high blood sugar or other health issues, this watch is your all-day health guardian. It offers continuous health monitoring, and its therapy features are expert-approved. Plus, you get to share your health data with your family, keeping everyone in the loop.

If you're worried about your family members as they get older, if you're worried about them getting lost or falling down, this watch is your other "you" to watch over them.

Our Featured Product

We bring you the Smartwatch H1, a smartwatch designed for seniors that not only offers great features but also incorporates care and convenience into their daily lives.



I received the products exactly that I imagin, the function are so great because it has everything that I want (to do exercise, to connect your social media, remote cámara, blood and temperature controlled), the prices is cheaper in comparison to the function


Got my husband a sleek smartwatch for his birthday with features like exercise tracking and ECG monitoring, crucial post heart surgery. The added perk of a voice assistant for calls makes it a practical and cost effective gift.

Jeanne R.

The watch is really great. I've not tried all the functions yet. Had a problem attaching the strap but once I'd worked it out it was easy to do, perhaps you will include in instructions. The watch is lovely and big, the strap is long. I'm really pleased with it.

Irene H.

So far this watch has been great! The set up was easy and quick. The battery life is suburb, and the features are great. I love the health monitoring and ability to see incoming texts and calls and more on your wrist. This is a great affordable choice for anyone looking for a smartwatch!
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