Tousains smartwatch S2
Tousains smartwatch S2 with outdoor convenience
Tousains smartwatch S2 with ip68 waterproof
Tousains smartwatch S2 with 100+ sports modes
Tousains smartwatch S2 for runners
Tousains smartwatch S2 with third-party app connectivity
Tousains smartwatch S2 with high visual enjoyment
Tousains smartwatch S2 with unique style
Tousains smartwatch S2 in the box
Tousains smartwatch S2 exterior
Tousains smartwatch S2 exterior
Tousains smartwatch S2 exterior

Tousains S2 smartwatch

● 20 days of ultra-long battery life
● Powerful GPS function
● 100+ sport modes 
● Swimming mode upgrade
● Compass function
● Altitude barometer function
● Heart rate&blood oxygen monitor
● Sleep tracking

Tailored for sports, it stands as your unparalleled athletic companion.

Unleash your freedom and surpass your limits! Equipped with built-in GPS and precise sports data tracking, this sports watch is your ultimate trustworthy companion. Whether you're running, swimming, or engaging in outdoor activities, it ignites your potential and guides you towards remarkable breakthroughs.
  • N E S W

    20 days of ultra-long battery life

    Up to 580mAh battery capacity to achieve three weeks of ultra-long battery life, so you can get rid of the trouble of frequent charging.
  • N E S W

    Powerful GPS function

    No need to rely on cellphones or other devices, you can accurately track your movement and location information.
  • N E S W

    100+ sport modes

    Includes modes for running, cycling, walking, swimming, skiing, and more, with more detailed exercise data for all your activities.
  • N E S W

    Swimming mode upgrade

    With the ability to record the number of strokes, duration of exercise, and exertion, you can understand the intensity and variation of your strokes in training.
  • N E S W

    Compass function

    Helps you navigate and orient yourself in outdoor environments, facilitating outdoor adventures.
  • N E S W

    Altitude barometer function

    Monitor altitude for you, accurately monitor barometric pressure and altitude to enhance your outdoor sports experience.

Exclusive satellite positioning

Accurate positioning with 4 satellites: GPS\BEIDOU\GLONASS\GALILEO, accurately record your movement trajectory

Choose whether to turn on your GPS

You can independently control whether or not to turn on GPS as needed, gaining longer battery life, enhanced privacy protection, and accurate positioning and navigation services when needed.

Intelligent Motion Recognition System

Automatically recognizes running and ball sports, this watch offers convenience and practicality. There's no need to manually set the exercise mode; simply start exercising, and the watch will automatically record and identify the type of activity, eliminating the need for tedious steps.

Caring Escort, Heart Rate Alert

Customize the upper and lower heart rate limits, the watch warns you if you exceed the set range, monitors and reminds you of heart rate changes in real time, helps you pay attention to your heart health and prevent diseases.

kilometer-by-kilometer reminder

Kilometer-by-kilometer reminders help you understand your progress, motivate you to keep going, and ensure that you stay on track with your mileage goals!

Convenient exercise shortcuts

A new sports shortcut button located in the lower right corner has been added, allowing you to switch to sports mode easily and quickly. With one click, you can quickly enter the sport mode.

Set your exercise goals

Multi-mode options: distance mode/time mode/exertion mode/fat-burning mode/endurance mode that helps you set and track personal goals and motivated to achieve accomplishments.

Record your exercise data

Records distance, heart rate, exertion, time, steps, step frequency, speed, and pace to help you understand your exercise progress and performance. Helps to monitor your health and evaluate the effectiveness of your exercise.

View your activity log for the day

It includes steps, calories burned, exercise time, etc. within a day. It helps you assess the effectiveness of your activities and motivates continuous improvement and pursuit of a healthier lifestyle.

Say hi to swimming

IP68 waterproof, enjoy swimming. The watch should not come into contact with highly corrosive liquids such as seawater, or acidic and alkaline solutions.

Swimming mode upgrade

With the ability to record the number of strokes, duration of exercise, and exertion, you can understand the intensity and variation of your strokes in training

Protect your smartwatch underwater

The touch function is off in swimming mode, long press the power button to end the swimming, it can prevent accidental touch, protect the waterproof performance and prolong the battery life, you can focus more on the swimming itself during the swimming process, reduce the interference and unnecessary energy consumption.

Compass function

Helps you navigate and orient yourself in outdoor environments, facilitating outdoor adventures.

Altitude barometer function

Monitor altitude for you, accurately monitor barometric pressure and altitude to enhance your outdoor sports experience.

Flexible brightness adjustment

The smartwatch supports brightness adjustment, so you can enjoy longer battery life when you are outdoors. Whether you're venturing out to explore the mountains or running through nature, our smartwatches will be your battery life saver.

Scientific Breathing Training

Combined with scientific breathing exercises to help you better manage daily stress and maintain inner peace.

Your mental health assistant

The stress test function scientifically assesses life stress by monitoring indicators such as heart rate variability.

Smart Oxygen Monitoring

With the smartwatch's oximetry monitoring feature, you can track your body's blood oxygen levels to help monitor your health and detect potential problems early.

24-hour real-time heart rate monitoring

Upgraded heart rate conductor, intelligent blood oxygen monitoring technology, adjustable measurement frequency, real-time guard your health.

Scientific Sleep Monitoring

Smartwatch sleep monitoring can provide you with sleep data and trend analysis to help you better manage your health.

Music Control


Remote control for photo


Do not disturb mode




Got Questions?

Can't find your questions? Email us at

How long will it take to get my order?

It depends on where you are. Orders processed here will take 5-7 business days to arrive. Overseas deliveries can take anywhere from 7-16 days. Delivery details will be provided in your confirmation email.

How many sports mode are available?

Thank you very much for your question! This watch offers 100+ exercise modes to meet the exercise needs and preferences of different users.

What's the battery life?

Thank you very much for your interest in our products! Our smartwatches are equipped with a high-capacity battery with a capacity of 580 mAh. Heavy use for 10 days, general use for 20 days. Our smartwatch can meet your needs for long time use. Whether it's for daily office work, outdoor sports or other activities, you can use our watch without the need for frequent charging.

Does it offer voice assistant help?

Thank you for your interest in our products! We are sorry to inform you that our products do not offer intelligent voice assistant features at this time. We are focusing on providing other great features and functionalities such as sports tracking, health monitoring, built-in GPS, etc. to fulfill users' needs and expectations.

Is it compatible with Android?

Thank you very much for your interest in our devices! Our devices are fully compatible with Android, providing you with an excellent experience.

How to extend the battery life?

You can extend the battery life of your device by turning down the brightness level and turning off the all-day heart rate measurement.

Is there a warranty on this product?

30 Days Money Back Guarantee and 1 YEAR - Structural Frame Warranty

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Marek K.
Excellent device

My wife and I have bought two Tousains H1 watches. We are happy with our watches - they can measure several important parameters. It was a very good deal for the very good price

Wanda D.
P1 tousains watch

I am completely satisfied and happy with my new watch. I have ordered a 2nd watch a different color and can't wait till it arrives. I gave you 5 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ stars in satisfaction.
Tha k you so much
Wanda Diaz

Judith W.

Tousains P1 Watch2

Robert C.
Tousains H1 watch

The watch is the coolest watch I've ever seen from any watch got so many features than any other watches it's a great investment to buy..if anyone wants a amazing watch this is the one to buy on the market today..that's no joke !!

Katheryn C.
Super watch

The H1 watch is just what I wanted to monitor several health problems. I have compared it to a few professional monitors and the watch was accurate within approximately 1%.