Foldable Rowing Machine, Rowing Machines, TOUSAINS
Foldable Rowing Machine
Foldable Rowing Machine
Foldable Rowing Machine
Foldable Rowing Machine
Foldable Rowing Machine
Foldable Rowing Machine, Rowing Machines, TOUSAINS
Foldable Rowing Machine

Foldable Rowing Machine

Precio de venta$199.00
foldable & stable digital monitor

Revamp fitness with our rowing machine: Smooth Rail & Handle for joint-friendly workouts. Non-slip pedals ensure safety. Cushioned seat boosts comfort. Alloy steel frame offers stability. Foldable for small spaces. Elevate your fitness journey with innovation.

  • Alloy Steel Slide Rail
  • Customized Digital Monitor
  • Wider & Larger Pedal
  • Foldable for Storing Easily


Definitely. The machine offers an effective, low-impact workout, targeting upper and lower body muscles. It improves overall health, combining cardio and strength training with 3 levels of resistance.

Hi, It's not difficult to assemble, just few steps. We will show you how to aseemble that step by step.

A rowing machine offers a full-body workout that engages multiple muscle groups simultaneously. It provides both cardiovascular exercise and strength training. Rowing primarily targets muscles in the legs, back, core, and arms. It is a low-impact exercise that can help improve cardiovascular endurance, build strength, and enhance overall fitness.

Feel confident with our durable design! The rower support up to 220lbs.

Yes, it is possible to get in shape with just a rowing machine. Rowing provides a full-body workout, combining cardiovascular exercise and strength training. Regular rowing sessions can help improve cardiovascular fitness, build strength and endurance, increase muscle tone, and contribute to weight loss.

On average, rowing can burn approximately 210-311 calories in 30 minutes for a person weighing around 155-185 pounds (70-84 kilograms).


30 Days Money Back Guarantee

and 1 YEAR - Structural Frame Warranty

You can contact us through our contact page! We will be happy to assist you.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Gayle L.
Happy I Bought It

As a 75 year old lady, I was able to put the foldable rowing machine together with no problems or help. So far, I am getting used to using it and have not had any issues. I know it will help me build up my strength and endurance. Looking forward to seeing the results of using it.

Greta O.
Progress to better health.

I began a great fitness routine using the rower. I workout at my own pace and privacy is all mine. Bring the gym to your home. This rowing machine is well built, durable and easy to use. It tucks away nicely in our small condo. I am so very pleased with this rower because I'm progressing to better health.


Darcel R.
Rowing machine

Good so far.

Kevin B.
Wifey Loves It.

I brought this for my wife because she had spoken about her love for the rowing machine at the gym. She hits her NEW rowingworkouts. Every morning with 20min wrkouts.

Allie C.
It works

I was worried I that I would not see any results from a compact, inexpensive rower. I am extremely out of shape, with upper body mush, and I cannot row for 20 consecutive minutes. I started out doing 100 reps (5 minutes) in the morning, and 100 reps in the eveningboth prior to walking the dog for cool down. I have not changed my diet significantly, yet.

The rower is extremely simple to assemble. It takes up minimal space, so is perfect for small living quarters. This rower also seems to be very sturdy. This particular rower is also comfortable for those of us with shorter legs.

This is an excellent piece of equipment if budget and/or space is your primary concern.