0.2 ㎡ under desk elliptical machine

If you struggle to get to the gym or are looking to upgrade your home workout options, the under-desk elliptical would be a good choice.

Small but Full Functions.

Compact ellipticals are designed to be smaller and lighter than traditional models, making them ideal for home use and smaller gyms. Despite their size, It offer a variety of features and programs that can help you get in a great workout.

2 exercise modes


3 remote control methods


2 directions

Its size is only 18.7"*16.5" * 10.2" and can be placed in various corners (under the table, sofa, bed, corner)

Small but Practical.

This low-distraction exercise is seamlessly integrated into your daily routine, thanks to its compact size. You can easily incorporate it into your work-from-home setup or use it while watching TV or reading a book, without even realizing you're exercising.

On average, users will burn 150 calories an hour!

It gives you a great low-impact workout that burns calories at a rate comparable to walking, but is easier on your back, knees, hips and ankles. 

Despite the small size, it‘s still delicate

Our Happy Customers

Installation was a breeze, taking mere minutes to set up and integrate seamlessly into my workspace. The compact design fits perfectly under my desk without impeding legroom or workflow.

- Sarah T

I can't express enough how much the Tousains Under Desk Elliptical has transformed my daily routine. As someone who spends long hours at my desk, I've struggled to find the balance between work and staying active. This innovative device has changed the game entirely.

- Mark W

This really has been a fantastic investment so far!! I work as a computer programmer, and am on my laptop all day. It's surprisingly easy to start pedaling and forget that I'm doing it!

- Kailani C

Mini Elliptical Machine
Mini Elliptical Machine
Mini Elliptical Machine
Mini Elliptical Machine
Mini Elliptical Machine
Mini Elliptical Machine
Mini Elliptical Machine
Mini Elliptical Machine
Mini Elliptical Machine
Mini Elliptical Machine

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